Product Name : beef shami kabab/بیف شامی کباب

Ingredients: halal boiled beef,Chickpeas/chana daal,shan shami kabab masala,egg.
Provider : Absara from Pakistan

Quanitity : 6~7pcs

Net Weight : 400g

G- Market  :

< Provider's Note >

Beef shami kabab is a very delicious traditional subcontinental food.

This is one of the favorite food of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladaisi people.

This product is totally cooked.

One can save this product at the freezing temperature.

Shami kabab can be eaten with various food.

Just fry with egg and eat with bread/rice/pulao/cheese/tomato sauce.

Shami kabab can also be eaten as a ‘beef shami kabab burger.’


Halal Beef Shami Kabab/بیف شامی کباب

SKU: F182_beefshamikabab

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