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Fake Halal News

Title: “halal meats made by Korean companies are all fake” … Distributors who have attached ‘halal’ mark on general raw meat are arrested.


Distributors who had disguised general raw meat as halal meat, which must be slaughtered according to Islamic commandments, and distributed illegally were caught by Police.


Two livestock distributors, Kang(56 year’s old) and Yoon(44 year’s old), are booked without detention by Busan Yeongdo Police Agency in 6th of May for the charge of distributing fake halal food to Korean Muslims and foreign Muslims in Korea.


Kang is suspected of purchasing general beef and packing those with ‘halal’ mark printed wrapping papers in his workplace located in Ansan. He is suspected of distributing these beef to Asian marts in foreign residential districts and halal restaurants.


It is revealed that Kang has distributed KRW 3billion amount of these fake halal food for past 5 years.


Yoon is suspected of purchasing general chicken & beef by-products and disguised these meat as halal food in his workplace located in Incheon. He is suspected of distributing KRW600million amount of these foods for 2 years.


Halal meats need to be prepared with strict process such as directing animal’s head to the direction of Mecca during slaughtering, slaughtering the animal with the minimum pain and removing all blood from animal etc.


It is revealed by the Police Investigation that they have just purchased general meat in the market and packed these meat with halal logo marked wrapping paper without any special equipment which is required for halal foods manufacturing.


It is estimated that the population of Foreign Muslims in Korea is about 140,000. The population of Muslim can reach 200,000 if illegal immigrants and Korean Muslims are added.


Police announced that “It is difficult for companies which aim at domestic (Korean) halal food market to be equipped with halal manufacturing facilities because they are too small. Moreover, they have made bad use of legal/institutional imperfection regarding the halal food.” and “Therefore, the halal food distributed in domestic market by Korean companies are all fake because there is practically no officially certified halal food company at all in Korea”

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