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Product Name : Tempe (200g)
Company : Azaki Food
Country : Indonesia
Weight : 200g
Storage Condition : Keep in Frozen State
Ingredient : Soybean

Gmarket (5ea/order) :




- This Azaki tempe is manufactured in HACCP certified plant with top quality ingredients, and already won the love of Japanese market, especially the vegetarian community.

- This Azaki tempe contains plenty of Protain, vitamin B and minerals.

- This Azaki tempe provide sufficient energy for your body and can keep you full instantly, which makes it perfect for losing weight.

- Moreover, the calcium and protein in it make it a great food for children.

Tempe / 템페 / 땜빼 / 땜뻬 / 땜페 (Indonesia, 200g)

SKU: F14-1] Tempe 200g
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