Part : Halal Lamb Rib with Sirloin/Frenched Rack
Country : Australia

Company : Swift Australia
Halal : Halal Lamb from Australia. (Australia 282 Inspected)

Max Weight : 900g

Min Weight : 700g

Note : Brand could be changed due to the inventory condition.

Delivery Conditions:
- In case of this product, we make refund of the remainder inside the box if the weight of the product is under the max weight.
ex) Max weight : 1Kg(10,000won), Real weight: 900g(9,000won). We put 1,000won inside the box.

G-Market :

Halal Lamb Rib with Sirloin/Frenched Rack/8 Ribs (Australia, 4,300won/100g)

SKU: F9-5(17REF)_8bones
100 Grams

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