Product Name : Halal Siomay

Provider : Anam from Indonesia



Weight: 550 grams + peanut sauce

- It's cooked (steamed)
- Need to be steamed or put it in the microwave oven before serving
- Another way to serving this food is by frying

- Fish, Garlic, Salt, Flour, Oyster sauce, Sesame oil


Siomay :

Siomay adalah makanan yang terbuat dari daging ikan alami yang di campur dengan tepung dan dibungkus dengan kulit pangsit. Disajikan dengan bumbu kacang untuk memperkaya rasa. Dalam penyajiannya, siomay bisa di tambahkan kecap manis serta perasan jeruk limau.



Coupang :

Halal Siomay (Indonesian Dumpling with Peanut Sauce)

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  • This Siomay is 100% Handmade by a muslim who lives in Korea. By using high-quality ingredients, it makes you experience the authentic taste of your home country. As it is handmade product, it doesn't contain any artificial ingredients which harm your health, and contain only high-quality natural ingredients such as Halal meat and natural spice.