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Product : Cilok

Weight : 450g +50g

Country: Homemade by Indonesian Muslim living in Korea

Supplier : Fajar from Indonesia

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 - Cilok : tapioca flour, wheat flour, eggs, leek, minced meat and beef fat.

 - Peanut Sauce : peanuts, garlic, oil, chili, sugar, salt and soy sauce.


How to cook

1. Remove the Cilok from the freezer until it is not frozen.
2. Then put cilok (without peanut sauce) in microwave or steam until the cilok becomes chewy
3. Pour the peanut sauce over the chewy cilok 
4. Cilok is ready to be served.


Camilan favorit orang indonesia memang beragam, salah satunya yang berbahan tepung tapioka. Cilok adalah salah satunya. Ia digemari karena memiliki tekstur unik yang kenyal. Cilok adalah singkatan dari kata (Aci Dicolok) yang berasal dari Bandung. Namun sekarang makanan ini sudah ada diseluruh Indonesia. Cilok berisi daging sapi cincang dan lemak sapi di tengahnya dan sangat nikmat jika dipadukan dengan saus kacang pedas.


Indonesian favorite snacks are diverse, one of which is made from tapioca flour. Cilok is one of them. It is popular because it has a unique chewy texture. Cilok is an abbreviation of the word (Aci Dicolok) which comes from Bandung. But now this food already exists throughout Indonesia. Cilok contains minced beef and beef fat in the middle and is very delicious when served with spicy peanut sauce.


Cilok and peanut sauce / 실록 /Indonesian snack (450g+50g)

SKU: F6-4a] Cilok 500g
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