Product Name: Chicken Egg Roll

Weight: 500g+


Ingredients: Chicken Leg Boneless, Eggs, chicken, wheat flour, cornstarch, salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, carrots, leeks.


Description: Chicken egg rolls made from chicken and secret ingredient, then rolled with egg mixture and steamed with perfect level of maturity. With selected herbs and vegetables make this food delicious and nutritious. This food has a savory and delicious taste, can be used as a side dish or just a snack accompanied by your favorite chili sauce at home.We always use the best quality of ingredient and InsyaAllah Halal (Halal certified KMF). Our products are home-made, so we cooked with hygienically and without artificial preservatives.

Chicken Egg Roll

  • Chicken Egg Roll adalah lauk siap saji yg praktis.

    Terbuat dari daging ayam dan bumbu pilihan, mengandung berbagai vitamin mineral dan serat yang baik untuk tubuh.


    Komposisi: Daging ayam (paha), bawang putih, tapioka, tepung terigu, telur, wortel, daun bawang, minyak wijen, gula, garam.

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