Product Name: Beef Shami Kebab/ Beef Tikiya/ چکن شامی کباب
Ingredients: Halal minced beef, Chickpeas/Chana daal, Special spice mix, Egg. 
Provider: Nasim from Bangladesh 
Quantity: 8 pcs (per piece ~52g) 
Net Weight: 400g 

Storage Tip: The product should be preserved at freezing temperature.

Serve Tip: This product is already cooked. It needs to shallow fry for 2 minutes per side in medium heat. Shami kebab can be eat alone as snack with ketchup or with various main dishes like rice, pulao and biriyani.

Description: Chicken shami kebabs is  a famous subcontinental food and the perfect dish to make your meat platter rich and delicious. These kebabs are juicy, spicy and flavorsome. This is one of the most popular local variety of kebabs in the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines.


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    Beef Shami Kebab/Kabab (Beef Tikiya, 400g)

    SKU: F9-2_ShamiKebabBeef

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