Product Name : Beef Ham Burger Patty
Provider : Aini from Indonesia

Usage : Can be used for Halal Ham Burger & Burger Steak

Weight : 500g/5~7pieces/Pack

Diameter : 8 cm

Thickness : 1.5 cm

Ingredient : Beef (Australia Halal. Minced Beef made with Halal Beef Head Meat of Yes!Halal.), Salt, Bombay Onion, Egg, Pepper, Bread Flavor. 100% Halal and without any preservatives.



Provider's Instruction :

"Beef Burger Patties" ~! Our Patty is handmade product. It is made from halal ingredients that make its taste certainly delicious. Really! Try and get your taste!


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Halal Beef Ham Burger Patty (500g/5~7pieces/Pack - 2400won/100g)

SKU: F5-1(12)_beefpatty
100 Grams
  • Beef burger patties


    Patty burger kami merupakan produk "handmade".kombinasi bumbu yang pas membuat rasanya tidak perlu di ragukan lagi.

    Really wort to try !!^^


    1 pack 500gr

    Isi = 6pc

    1 pc =83.5 gr

    Diameter= 8cm

    Tebal= plus minus 1,5 cm

    100% Halal




    Mince beef, garam, bawang bombai, telur, lada, tepung roti