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Product Name: Halal Chicken Breast

Weight: 2Kg

Country: Thailand

Halal: CICOT Certified



- The reason why Thailand Chicken is cheaper than Brazilian chicken is only because of the shorter geographic distance, so that Thailand Chicken Product takes shorter time during shipping, which makes it naturally cheaper. Thailand chicken is more tasty because the moisture in meat doesn’t evaporate as much on the way, so it is both more tender and softer, it is such a perfect product for you!


- Not only cheaper due to the shorter distance from Korea, Thailand chicken breast also contains less fat compares to Brazilian Chicken breast. Therefore, it is healthier and more suitable for your body. 


- This product doesn't have Halal Logo on the packaging paper, but has Halal Certification as shown in the picture.




হালাল চিকেন ব্রেস্ট (থাইল্যান্ড, CICOT Certified, 2.0Kg - 6,000won/1Kg)

SKU: F19ZQ] Breast 2Kg
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