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How can I log-In?

Yes!Halal doesn't require log-In process. Most of internet shopping website in Korea require difficult and unnecessary registration procedure in order to shift a responsibility onto the customer. Yes!Halal dispense with the registration procedure and Log-In process in order for our customers to save time.

How can I fill-In the address section?

English or Korean can be used for writing the address. Zip code is not necessary as long as your address is exact. Please, write your room number, or the parcel can be returned.

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What if I don't understand the Korean address system?

If you don't understand the Korean address system, please take a photo of your name card or 'building number plate' and send it to us via E-mail, message or Kakao talk with your 'order number'. Please, do not forget to let us know your room number and available phone number.​

Where can I get your service?

Yes!Halal provide our service everywhere and anywhere in Korea including Jeju Island.

How much is the delivery fee?

3,000won will be charged for the delivery fee. Total purchase amount above 45,000won from Yes!Halal will get free delivery charge. 

In case of Jeju Island, 4,000won will be charged for the delivery fee and 2,000won will be charged for the purchase amount above 40,000won.

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